Laboratory Services



We offer the following laboratory support services globally.


  • Service & Maintenance (PM) of HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS


  • Qualification & Validation services


  • Repairs to laboratory equipment


  • Parts sourcing


  • Lab clearance


  • Lab relocation includes de-installation and reinstallation.


  • Training courses to suit customer's needs.


  • Method development, validation and stability trials studies



Sujit Patel is an experienced analytical chemist and  also an instrumentation engineer, he provided support services to Agilent Technologies for 9 years, being the preferred engineer on many key sites.


In addition to working on Agilent products, he is also proficient on working on other manufactures equipment. Waters, Gilson, Merck Hitachi to name a few.


He has compliance training, cGLP, cGMP, COSSH and SOP and knowledge of ISO 17021.